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Lesson 21: Diminished Arpeggio Patterns

The opposite page shows finger patterns for an A diminished arpeggio. Just as with the diminished chords and scales, the arpeggios shown could also be used as C, E, and G diminished arpeggios. Here is the diminished arpeggio. Notice that these notes are the chord tones for the full diminished chord.

A - C - E - G - A

The following patterns show different fingerings for an A diminished arpeggio (or C, or E, or G diminished arpeggio).

Form 1

Form 2

Form 3

Practice Exercises

Play through each finger pattern ascending and descending using a slow even tempo.

Move the forms around the fretboard.

Staying with the same root, and at a slow tempo, play continually in and out of the different forms with no breaks.

With a friend, or using a tape recorder, play these scales against full-diminished chords. The sound will quickly become easy to recognize.

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