The Jazz Session with Jason Crane

There are a few really good jazz resources out there. For those of us who can’t get enough, I want to make sure you know about a jazz podcast that features interviews with current jazz artists that are out there in the trenches keeping the music alive and growing in new and different directions.

The podcast is called The Jazz Session. The show’s host is Jason Crane and you couldn’t ask for a more humble, funny, articulate and very well informed interviewer. The conversations are relaxed and entertaining. It provides great insights on what a lot of the current jazz artists are going through from gig to gig.

Over the past few months I’ve heard some great interviews with artists like Sonny Rollins, Bobby Broom, Terence Brewer, John Abercrombie, Gene Bertoncini and others. Great stuff!

If you haven’t already checked this podcast out, zoom on over to There are several different ways you can listen to and subscribe to this podcast and you can learn more about it on Jason’s website.

How About You?

What are some other resources out there that you like? Share some other good resources out there that you know about!